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Therapeutic Approach

My Therapeutic Approach...

I use the following therapeutic approaches depending on the individual needs of clients.


In Addition I Use the Following Therapy Techniques:


I work with individuals using two perspectives:

First Perspective: We will find new ways of working with your current problems in practical ways so that you can change to more positive ways of engaging with yourself and with others. The focus is on the current problem and setting short and long term goals to address your immediate issues,

Second Perspective: In addition, we work together to discover if any experiences during your childhood may be influencing your current problems. If so, we will recognize old negative messages attached to those experiences that you are still holding. You can learn you do not need to apply them in your adult life. That will allow you to see yourself in positive ways in order to continue to move toward having positive relationships in all areas of your life and to realize unfulfilled goals. Read an article about this, 'Becoming Your Authentic Self.'