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Hearing Loss Support

Hearing Loss Support...


Having worked for many years at the UCSF Center on Deafness, I have an extensive background in helping individuals who struggle with the isolation and frustration of losing their hearing. Some have been hard of hearing for many years, while others may be contemplating the need for hearing aids for the first time.

Hearing loss can be a devastating and life changing experience. Many hearing impaired people find that they can no longer function in their chosen career, are feeling isolated socially, and are struggling with communication at home and work. I can help individuals navigate the process of accepting their hearing loss, get the appropriate community support services, understand their disability rights in the work place, advocate for themselves with doctors and audiologists, and understand their personal grief at losing their hearing. Spouses and family members of these individuals also often need support in understanding their loved ones grief and loss.

Contact me to learn about upcoming Hearing Loss support groups in San Rafael.